last updated sunday, june 19th 2022

the concept of this page was inspired by matthew smith..
i think this will be my very own life colophon of sorts.. except with no context (for now!!)

cannot possibly list everyone who has influenced my life because every single interaction i have (or don't have) with somebody ultimately shapes my life forever. but here is an ever-growing list of some people i've met/discovered thru the internet who have continued to directly impact the way i live!! laugh!! love!! to this day :P

thank you to:

andy chung

brandon schlagel

chia amisola

devan patel

elliott cost

golan levin

jake fee

javier arce

j. r. carpenter

kening zhu

kristoffer tjalve

laurel schwulst

matt rayfield

maya man

mehdi mulani

olia lialina

pirijan ketheswaran

rohan kumar

tiana dueck

trudy painter

weiwei xu

wojtek witkowski

and so many more that i have yet to add here!!!!!