last updated sunday, june 19th 2022

hey, shen here!! if you don't know me in real life (which i sure hope you don't).. i'm a seventeen year old living in vancouver, canada!!
i tend to spend the majority of my time exploring The Intersection of Tech + Creativity (Very Original!!) and am currently doing community stuff at read.cv!!

on the side, i like doing silly things on the internet (like this!!) and reading For Fun to get out of my flopulous hustle porn self-help era. clean for over six months now :P


some of my other obsessions include (but are not limited to):

good green grapes...,,,,..,., mm.,.m.m,.mm.,,,

digital diaries!!!!!!!

perfume dupes (not willingly buying authentic soleil blanc in this lifetime!!)

anything and everything star shaped... or with a star on it *ੈ✩‧₊˚

translated fiction (cried over a signed copy of mieko kawakami's new book lol)

long walks!! and not just on the beach!! in another life i am simply walking forever

exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! if you couldn't tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my all-timers:

artists: fiona apple!! poison girl friend!! elliott smith!!

books: i who have never known men!! fathers and sons!! breasts and eggs!!

movies: blue!! little miss sunshine!! minari!! everything everywhere all at once!!

podcasts: underunderstood!! sidedoor!! 99% invisible!!

creators: leah's fieldnotes!! xi!! kelly stamps!!


you can find me elsewhere:

shen.land for more of my silly side projects

are.na for dumb collections of things i like

read.cv for work stuff (kinda?? mostly??)

oku.club for books i've been reading

spotify for questionable music taste

and/or reach out at hello [at] [my name] dot land - i luv making new friends!!